Kieran Moran

Prof. Kieran Moran

Principal Investigator

Personal Sensing

I am a passionate researcher who believes that understanding the biomechanics of human movement allows us to enhance movement capacity, reduce injury and optimize rehabilitation in individuals across their lifespan, both from a sports and a functional movement perspective. I currently have a team of 9 PhDs, 3 MSc, 5 Post Docs, 3 Research Assistants and 1 Project Officer. I am particularly interested in:

1. The use of sensor based technology (wearable sensors and fixed) to quantify human motion outside of the laboratory setting and to use the same sensors to provide relevant feedback to enhance movement and correct movement abnormalities (Connected Health, running, sport) based on approaches to behavioral change
2. Developing novel algorithms to analyze complex movement data.
3. Developing novel techniques to explore and identify each individual’s optimal movement technique in order to enhance it, rather than (erroneously) assuming that there is a single optimal technique that everyone should employ.
4. Understanding the cause of neuromuscular injuries and diseases and their effect on movement, both in sport and daily functional activities; in combination with identifying effective treatment and rehabilitation interventions