Paul Banahan PhD

Paul Banahan PhD Student

PhD Student

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I hold an MEng in Electronics and Computer Engineering from Dublin City University with a major in image processing and analysis. My thesis was centred on deep learning for biomedical image analysis.

My career has been shaped by a strong interest in the convergence of technology and healthcare. I have had the privilege of working at the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital as the AI research fellow, where my responsibilities revolved around advancing AI solutions for emergency medical imaging and the validation of clinical AI solutions. In this role, I dedicated my efforts to developing AI solutions for emergency medical imaging, particularly in the context of CT to MRI image translation for Lumbar spine cases, including those involving Cauda Equina Syndrome, collaborating closely with clinical specialists, like radiologists, radiographers and medical physicists.

Currently, I’m pursuing a PhD titled ‘Radiologist in the Loop: Generative AI Cross-Modality Image Translation.’ This research aims to empower healthcare professionals during critical out-of-hour scenarios by employing generative AI techniques for cross-modality image translation. I see this as a meaningful way to contribute to improving patient care through the application of technology in healthcare, and I’m excited to explore new horizons in this field.