Bio Michael Madden

Prof. Michael Madden

Funded Investigator

Prof. Michael Madden is the Established Professor and Head of School of Computer Science at the University of Galway. He leads the Machine Learning Research Group that he set up in 2001. His research focuses on new theoretical advances in machine learning, motivated by addressing important data-driven applications in medicine, engineering, and the physical sciences. This has led to over 100 publications, 9 publication awards, 4 patents and a spin-out company. He has spent time as a Visiting Research Scientist in University of Helsinki, University of California Irvine, and UC Berkeley.

His research includes: deep learning with data augmentation from virtual environments; learning agents and autonomous robotics; model-based probabilistic analytics for time series data analysis and decision-making; reasoning under uncertainty; Dynamic Bayesian Networks (DBNs) for representing medical knowledge and combining it with patient data for improved ICU monitoring; health monitoring using gene expression data.

Research Focus and Applications

  • Professor of Computer Science & Head of School of Computer Science at the University of Galway
  • Research Areas: Machine Learning; Algorithms for classification and regression; New methods for combining domain knowledge with learning; Time series data analysis; Reasoning under uncertainty; Bayesian networks; Reinforcement learning;┬áDeep learning
  • Applications of Machine Learning in Science, Engineering & Medicine
  • Industry collaborations include Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Valeo; IBM; University Hospital Galway