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Martin Serrano

Senior Research Fellow

Semantic Web

Dr. Martin Serrano (PhD. MSc. Eng. B.Eng)

Data Scientist IoT-M2M Semantic Interoperability Expert

University of Galway

Internet of Things, Stream Processing and Intelligent Systems Research Unit (UIoT) Head

European Projects Coordinator and Industry PI

Cloud Architect, Internet Technologist, ICT Consultant, R+D+I Activist and Semantic Web Evangelist.

IEEE Communications Society – Internet of Things Experimentation Chapter General Chair

Future Internet Research and Experimentation Board, General Chair and Member

OASC Connected Smart Cities Network Board Member

European Commission – IERC-AC4 Coordinator

AIOTI AG01 Research and Innovation co-chair

“Semantic Technologies can be used in complex environments for supporting control and management operations on smart environments (IoT, M2M, E2E and CPS systems) and also cloud-based infrastructure and service systems, thus by means of Linked-Data techniques/methods interoperability is enabled”

Dr. Martin Serrano is Senior Research Fellow in the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at the University of Galway. He is Guest Lecturer at SCU in Silicon Valley, Santa Clara Ca. USA. He also has Lectures at California State University, SLO, Ca, USA and TUB, Berlin and FBK-CREATE Net in Trento Italy. He holds a M.Sc. and a Ph.D. from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC Tech), Spain. He joined Insight by the time it was named (Digital Enterprise Research Institute) DERI and prior to DERI he was a Researcher at the PI Team at the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group (TSSG) of the Waterford Institute of Technology in Waterford, Ireland (WIT) and Research Assistant at the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC). Before joining academia, Dr. Serrano worked as Senior Engineer Supervisor at Panasonic-AKME at the Product Design Engineering department and was Research Intern at National/Panasonic-KME (Japan).

Dr. Serrano is a recognised expert on Semantic Interoperability for Distributed Systems by his sci contribution(s) for using Liked Data and Semantic Formalisms like Ontology Web Language for the Internet of Things and thus store the collected sensor’s data in the Cloud. He has also contributed to define the Data Interplay in Edge Computing using the Linked Data paradigm, in those works he has got awards for his Scientific Contributions/Publications. Dr. Serrano has advanced the state of the art on Pervasive Computing using Semantic Data Modelling and Context Awareness methods to extend the “Autonomics” paradigm for networking systems. He also has Contributed to enrich the Information and Knowledge Engineering Area using Semantic Annotation and Ontologies for describing data and services relations in Autonomic Computing. Dr. Serrano is a pioneer and visionary on proposing that Semantic Technologies applied to Policy-based Management Systems can be used as an approach to produce cognitive applications capable of understanding, service and application events, controlling the pervasive services life cycle. A process called bringing semantics into the box, as published in one of his academic books.

His research interests are on Distributed Systems, Security and Privacy, Ontology Engineering, Semantic Web, Linked Data and Information Modelling, Data Interoperability, Policy-Based Management, Autonomics (self-organization, and self-management.). Dr. Serrano is actively investigating Cloud Computing Services Management, Semantic-based Cloud Infrastructures Control and Big Data Management. He is also investigating Cyber-Physical Systems Control, Sensor Networks and The Internet of Things (IoT) and their large scale deployment using Cloud environments.

Dr. Serrano has published in international conferences (IEEE UICIEEE ICC, etc.), international journals (IEEE Wireless MagazineIEEE Pervasive Computing, etc.) and several book chapters in the cited domains. He has served as reviewer of various high impact journals, including, IEEE Network MagazineIEEE Transaction on Wireless MagazineIEEE Transactions on Networks and Service Management, etc. He is author of the book Applied Ontology Engineering in Cloud Services, Networks and Management Systems edited by Springer Publishers 2013.

Dr. Serrano has experience on Technical and General Management levels of Irish National (HEA Futurecomm, SFI FAME) and European collaborative Projects (IST CONTEXT, IST AutoI, ICT OpenIoT, ICT OpenIoT-Enlarged, ICT Vital-OS, H2020 FIESTA-IoT, H2020 ACTIVAGE and H2020 CREATE-IoT) and also Experiments in European Platforms (SSCFed4FIRE)He is author of the academic book “Applied Ontology Engineering in Cloud Services, Networks and Management Systems” published by Springer USA. Dr. Serrano has experience on Technical and General Management levels of Irish National (HEA Futurecomm, SFI FAME) and European collaborative Projects (IST CONTEXT, IST AutoI, ICT OpenIoT, ICT OpenIoT-Enlarged, ICT Vital, ICT BIG IoT, ICT ACTIVAGE) and also Experiments in European Platforms (SSCFed4FIRE) and also as active research member for European Research Networks of Excellence (EMANICS, MAGIX, etc). He is an active member of IEEE (Computer and Communication Societies) and ACM.

Dr. Serrano is a continuos contributor for the European Commission DG-CNECT for defining the Research and Innovation Agenda for Europe, acting as an expert and assist the European Commission in the definition of Horizon 2020 and FP9 Horizon Europe programme.


(2018 Ryan Award for Innovation Finalist – National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland )

(2018 President’s Young career reseracher Award Nominee – National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland)

(2018 Receiver of the “50 Most Transformative Smart City Project in the world” award)

(2017 Internet of Things Research & Experimentation Co-Chair – AIoTI WG01)

(2017 IoT Experimentation Chair – IEEE Communications Society – Emerging Technologies)

(2016 IoT Future Internet Research and Experimentation Chair – EC DG-Connect FIRE initiative Chair)

(2015 Listed in 25 Key People influencing the Internet of Things – Silicon Republic Media, Ireland)

(2015 Research Excellence President’s Award Nominee – Science Foundation Ireland, Ireland)

(2014 Outstanding Academic Achievement Nominee – Irish Software Association, Ireland)

(2013 Best Open Source Platform for the Internet of Things Award – BlackDuck Company, USA)

Research Focus and Applications

  • Pioneer on IoT semantic Interoperability (Sensor, Cloud Middleware and Applications) and expertise on Stream Processing (Data Modeling, Data Stores, Stream Analytics and Linked Data) with a project portfolio as coordinator and co-PI (> €10M PI Co-funding) on industrial and smart city applications: EU IST-Context, IST-AutoI, ICT-OpenIoT, ICT-Vital, National HEA PRTLI funded projects, SFI and EI industry and innovation Projects. H2020 SSC-Fed4FIRE, BIG-IoT and the FIESTA-IoT project.
  • Leader at NIST project Smart City Galway as part of 2016 Global Smart City Team Challenge.
  • Listed amongst key 25 People influencing the Internet of Things in 2015 by Silicon Republic and Research Excellence Award Nominee in 2015 by Science Foundation Ireland (SFI). Awarded at MIT-IoT and IoT World Industrial hackathon using open platforms and commercial solutions.
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Nominee in 2014 by the Irish Software Association (ISA).
  • Over 100 peer-reviewed publications, >25 Book chapters and Author of two indexed academic books.
  • Industry collaborations with CISCO, Siemens, Bosch, Medtronic, Atos Origins, BOI and B&B Electronics

In the past:

Head, Research Scientist of European Projects, Coordinator and Industry PI, Project Leader  at Sensor Middleware Unit (USM) Coordinator and Principal Investigator’s Team member at the Telecommunications Software and Systems Group and Researcher at Technical University of Catalonia (UPC).

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