Prof. Ken Brown

Principal Investigator

Optimisation & Decision Analytics

Professor Ken Brown is a Professor in the School of Computer Science and Information Technology, Deputy Directory of Insight@UCC, one of the Principal Investigators in Insight nationally and leader of the Optimisation and Decision Analytics Research Strand. He is a Funded Investigator on CONFIRM, the national centre for smart manufacturing. He is a PI and executive committee member of Enable, a national smart cities and IoT research program, where he focuses on smart urban mobility. He was UCC PI and member of the executive committee of CTVR, the Irish telecommunications research centre, where he led the research on optimisation and decision support in wireless networking, and is a Funded Investigator on Connect, the Irish national research centre for future networks and communications. Professor Brown was a Principal Investigator on the cluster project Nembes, where he focused on optimisation and wireless networking for support in emergency situations. He has won best paper prizes and nominations at international Artificial Intelligence and communications conferences, including ECAI, IEEE SECON and IEEE Globecom. He has successfully collaborated with a wide range of industrial partners, ranging from multinationals, including Intel and Alcatel Lucent, to SMEs. In 2015, Professor Brown was the co-Conference Chair of the international conferences on Constraint Programming and on Logic Programming, and in 2017 he was the Application Track PC chair of the international Constraint Programming conference. In 2011, he won the Irish Life Sciences Commercialisation Award for his work on decision support for prescribing for geriatric patients leading to the start-up company Clinical Support Information Systems.

Professor Brown’s research interests are in intelligent decision making, particularly for cooperative, competitive and uncertain situations. He is also interested in building simulators that allow us to test different algorithms and protocols. For example, how can a group of autonomous vehicles cross a busy junction? How do we guide drivers and passengers to get best use out of a car-pooling scheme? How can a group of sensor nodes coordinate themselves to cover mobile targets? How should a network of radios share the radio frequency to ensure that all messages are delivered?

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