Dr Jean Matias

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Jean Matias is a physicist and software developer with an extensive background in both academia and the professional realm. He holds degrees in Science & Technology and Physics, and has furthered his education with a Master’s in Condensed Matter Physics and a Ph.D. in Biophotonics. Throughout his career, Jean has demonstrated excellence in data analysis within the banking sector. Currently, he is focused on software development for the AI-on-Demand – a distributed platform – under the AI4Europe initiative. Previously, he conducted research in nanotechnology and photonics, which included the design and automation of optoelectronic devices. Jean’s current research interests are centered around responsible AI, with a particular emphasis on reproducibility and fairness. He is exploring topics such as ontology and embedded models in natural language processing (NLP) to advance transparent AI solutions. Additionally, Jean has a keen interest in decentralized finance, quantum computing, and machine learning & AI.