Heike Vornhagen

Research Associate


Heike Vornhagen is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the e-governance unit led by Dr Lukasz Porwol at Insight, University of Galway. Her current research focuses on making data accessible and understandable for multiple users. This includes the development of dashboards for GPs and ultimately Health Researchers, as well as developing an interactive system for wetland policy analysis for decision-makers, researchers and the public. In particular, she is interested in how people access, use and understand data as well as using interdisciplinary approaches to research. She has extensive lecturing experience in data visualisation and user design.

Heike holds an MA in Digital Media from the University of Galway (2014-15). She graduated with a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of Galway in April 2021. Her PhD thesis titled “Supporting Sense-making Experiences of City Dashboards – a Design Solution” focused on community based research into usability and sense-making of current city dashboards resulting in the development of a series of design guidelines.