Gianluigi M. Riva is an Italian Attorney at Law specialised in contracts, IT Law and Data Protection and is a Marie Curie PhD fellow in Privacy, Ethics and New Technologies at the University College Dublin, School of Information and Communication Studies of the College of Social Science and Law, with a research project on consumers’ privacy protection over decision-making manipulation through invasive technologies, focused on Smart Speakers, Internet of Things, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI), Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) and Wearable devices. He is affiliated with the UCD Insight Centre for Data Analytics in the European Project H2020 TEAM-ITN (Technology Enabled Mental Health for young people), where his research deals with Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, personalised medicine and related Privacy issues to provide policy framework and guidelines with a focus on minors and their Mental Health. As part of his research, he has collaborated with Telefonica Innovaciò Alpha (Alpha Health) in Barcelona for the development of integrated governance plans of Ethics and Privacy by Design in the HCI context. He has been a Fulbright-Shuman Visiting Researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Media Lab, in the group “Human Dynamics” where he addressed the topic of Data Cooperatives in the GDPR framework and participated in the Computational Law project, as well as dealt with the EU-US legal Privacy systems comparison and the study of regulatory parameters for genetic and biometric profiling. He represents Ireland as a member of the management committee of the European COST Action no. 16207 on “Problematic Usage of the Internet” (PUI), of the CA no. 19117 on “Researcher Mental Health” (REMO)  and as a substitute member of the COST Action no. 18215 on “China in Europe Research Network” (CHERN). He is the appointed Privacy expert for the H2020 Twinning Project REINITIALISE (pREservIng fuNdamental rIghTs In the use of digitAl technoLogIes for e-health ServicEs) within UCD, the University of Macerata and the Marie Curie University. He has been a Teaching and Research Assistant in Legal Informatics and Logic at the University of Pavia, School of Law, and currently in Information Ethics at the UCD, School of ICS. He also is an external consultant for legal strategy and data management for law firms and companies in Privacy and New Technologies matters. He is a member of the European MSCA Action’s Policy Working Group – Mental Health and Career Development Policies Task Forces -; of the Tech and Law Center in Milan; of the Group of Neurotheoretics and Sciences of the Mind of the I.R.C.C.S. Fondazione Istituto Neurologico C. Mondino of Pavia; of the HCI Research group of the UCD; of the Centre for Human Rights and Business Law and Regulation Research at the UCD Southern School of Law; of the IEEE; and member of the AssoDPO’s Scientific Committee for AI and Robotic-Process Automation. He is co-founder of ELSA (European Law Student Association) at the University of Pavia and founder of the University brotherhood SOARL at the University of Pavia. Prior to joining academia, he worked as Military Police Officer in confidential service, Commercial Manager for Industry, Business Developer in a startup seed, Lawyer at the Bar and Legal and Privacy consultant for SMEs.