Bio Gabriel Gonzalez-Castane

Gabriel Gonzalez-Castane

EU Programme Manager

Optimisation & Decision Analytics

Gabriel González Castañé is a EU Grant Manager / Senior Research Co-Ordinator in the Insight-Centre for data analytics at University College of Cork.

He holds a PhD in Computer Science and Technology from University Carlos III of Madrid on the topic of applied modeling and simulation of energy aware Cloud Computing environments. and a MSc in Distributed, Multimedia and Secure computing systems.

He has participated in several Spanish National Projects during his studies and moved to Dublin City University in 2015 where he led the simulation workpackage in CACTOS FP7 project.

At the end of the project, he was working in proposal development where he succeed in the 4.6m RECAP H2020 EU project.

He moved to University College of Cork, into the Center of Unified Computing as technical coordinator of the CloudLightning H2020 project, that ended in 2018 reaching an Excelent from the European Commision.

At the end of the project, he transitioned to the Insight-Centre in data analytics where he is currently involved in several industrial projects and in any research that passionates him…

His interests are simulation, self organising architectures, distributed (cloud/edge/..) computing and simulation-optimisation.