Bio Finbarr O'Sullivan

Prof. Finbarr O’Sullivan

Principal Investigator

Prof. O’Sullivan is Professor of Statistics at UCC. He has over 30 years’ academic research experience with over 75 peer-reviewed publications (excluding abstracts, conference records and book chapters). He has given numerous invited presentations at international and national conferences. He has served as associate editor of the SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing (1985-1990) and the Journal of the American Statistical Association(1991-1997) and of Biostatistics (1998-2008). Prof. O’Sullivan has had 11 PhD students graduate under his supervision and currently supervises 3 such students who are in various stages of completion of their degrees. Prof. O’Sullivan maintains a strong collaboration with the Positron Emission Tomography imaging group at the University of Washington, where he holds an appointment as Affiliate Professor of Radiology. He has served on the Scientific Co-ordinating Committee for the UW PET Oncology Program (1990-1997). He also collaborates with other researchers on other imaging projects in the US and Ireland. Among these researchers are The American College of Radiology Imaging Network and the University of Wisconsin, where he also holds an appointment as affiliate Professor of Statistics.