Fergus Efe O’Donoghue

Research Assistant

Fergus Efe O’Donoghue is a research assistant in the ASPECT Unit at the Insight Centre in Galway. His current work in policy analysis investigates avenues for EU-level peatland restoration through projects such as WaterLANDS and MULTI PEAT, with a focus on carbon credit schemes.

Fergus completed an MSc in Sustainability Science, Policy and Society from the University of Maastricht, with a thesis on regenerative agriculture in Ireland and the EU; and a Bachelors of Arts with Journalism from the University of Galway, with an overarching focus on environmental ethics, policy, and political theory. Over the course of his studies he has worked with a variety of public, private, and non-governmental actors – most recently with the Municipality of Limburg, to investigate novel pathways for sustainable development in the EU’s most cattle-dense region of agriculture.

He enjoys learning about Earth’s many natural and built environments, not least of all to better understand their diverse inhabitants.