Dr Eric Wolsztynski

Funded Investigator

Machine Learning & Statistics, Optimisation & Decision Analytics

Eric Wolsztynski is a Senior Lecturer in Statistics at the School of Mathematical Sciences, and Head of Discipline (Statistics) at UCC. His research interests combine theoretic and applicative aspects of statistical & machine learning, computational statistics, and data-driven estimation methods. His main work focuses on predictive modelling techniques, with specific focus on multi-omics (i.e. machine learning & AI) for healthcare, and more generally methodologies for the analysis of wide data. Recent contributions include novel non-invasive biomarkers for tumour characterization, and predictive model building based on high-throughput radiological data. This research stems from clinical collaborations in Ireland and the USA. Current on-going research projects also include the analysis of fairness in machine learning models for non-life insurance pricing. Eric also enjoys collaborations in the field of renewable energies.

Link to institutional page: http://research.ucc.ie/profiles/D019/ewolsztynski