Eoin Jordan

Ph.D. Student

I am pursuing a PhD in Interoperability for IoT and funded for the Infinitech project, working with semantic technologies for the financial sector under the supervision of Dr Martin Serrano.

I am qualified in Software and Electronic Engineering. Having enjoyed a total of ten years in industry, working in Animation, Mobile Apps, Network Management applications, and DevOps with wonderful people on various projects and technologies.

I most enjoyed the creative aspects and mentoring. Leading students through their Internships, I had only positive feedback and outcomes. I was advising in software, UX, soft skills, software tools, and methodologies.

I have a passion for education and wish to pursue a PhD to broaden my understanding and contribute to the field. In the longer term, I would love to pursue a career in education.

Having volunteered for several years as a mentor in CoderDojo teaching Scratch, Electronics and 3D printing. Volunteered in the CCMI Museum in the years after CoderDojo.

Competed in the Climathon Hackathon, following which we attempted a start-up based on our idea.

I participated in the organisation of the first PorterHack, as a technical assistant and printing parts for the competitors. I also scanned and printed trophies for the winners, based on the taps from the Pothershed.

I continue to work in social outreach and environmental projects for the local community in my spare time.