Dr Nameer Alhashimy

Dr Emanuel Popovici

Funded Investigator

Emanuel Popovici is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University College Cork. He is currently Director of the award winning Embedded.Systems@UCC Group. His research interests include embedded system design for reliable and secure computing and communications, hardware accelerators for AI/ML and security with particular emphasis on the EDGE. He enjoys researching on various topics related to the modelling, design and implementation of reliable and secure low power embedded systems including algorithms, architectures and applications. The applications of his research are very broad and inspired by day by day problems including electronic design automation, smart lighting systems which can dramatically reduce the energy bill (more than 65%, project iLUX), toys with smart interfaces which can help kids with disabilities (projects uPlay and Unique), look after their well being, even catching Santa; smart wave/wind energy optimisation (project ECO) and synthesising music even from the Irish weather; ultra-smart bee hives (project iBEES); accurate vital signs on the run (project iBAN-Med); smart wearables; accurate localization systems; computing and communications using faulty hardware; art and electronics; understanding and listening to the brainwaves (project neurobell); asset option pricing and implementation in hardware. Increasingly these applications require the use of AI and ML. His research group was rewarded with more than 40 awards and distinctions including 3 times winners in the prestigious Global IEEE/IBM Smarter Planet Challenge, Best Engineering Lab in Ireland, Best Collaboration Achievements, best paper awards, student competitions, entrepreneurial awards, etc. His research is inspired by George Boole (first Professor of Mathematics at UCC) and Claude Shannon (renowned Professor at MIT).