Dr Shyamasundar L B is a Research Fellow sharing his time between the Department of Music and the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at University College Cork. His expertise runs deep in the realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analytics, giving him the expertise to tackle the considerable computational challenges of Data Analytics. Before he linked up with the crew, Shyam’s journey spanned both industry and academia. He lent his expertise to the oil and gas industry with AIET, rolled with the future in self-driving robot cars at CSIR-4PI, conducted comprehensive research in sentiment analysis at CMRIT and shared his knowledge as a lecturer in the department of CSE at MCE. Shyam is a team leader, securing awards in hackathon competitions, making his mark at International Conferences, and serving as gatekeeper for multiple peer-reviewed international journals, making sure only the most rigorous scholarship finds its way to publication.