Dr. Paul Buitelaar

Vice Director

Linked Data

I am Senior Lecturer at the University of Galway, ViceĀ  Director of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics in Galway and head of the Insight Unit for Natural Language Processing. My main research interests are in the development and use of Natural Language Processing methods and solutions for semantic-based information access. I have been involved in a large number of national and international funded projects in this area. In recent years we developed the Saffron framework for knowledge extraction, which has been used in industry applications with Irish Times, Kennys and HP. Another line of recent research is on the definition and implementation of lemon, a vocabulary for Linguistic Linked Data, which was developed in the context of the EU funded project Monnet and is currently being applied in EU projects such as LIDER , EuroSentiment and MixedEmotions.

Research Focus and Applications

  • Associate ProfessorĀ  in Computer Science, Deputy Director of the Data Science Institute at University Of Galway, Co-PI Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics
  • Leading a team in Natural Language Processing research
  • Co-leading the Insight Multimodal Data Analysis research program, which brings together interdisciplinary research on Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Sensor Analysis from across the Insight centre in close collaboration with industry
  • Research interests: development and use of Natural Language Processing methods for knowledge extraction and semantic-based information access
  • Coordinated a large number of national and EU funded projects in these research areas
  • Research contributions in knowledge extraction from text (ontology learning, knowledge graphs), linguistic knowledge representation (ontology-lexicon interface, linguistic linked data) and social media analysis (suggestion mining)
  • 200+ publications, 7000+ citations, H-Index: 37
  • Industry collaborations with Fidelity, Huawei, Semalytix, Irish Times, Kennys Book Shop