Bio Neil Hurley

Dr. Neil Hurley

Principal Investigator

Recommender Systems

Dr. Neil Hurley graduated with a M.Sc. degree in Mathematical science from U.C.D. in 1988.In 1989, he joined Hitachi Dublin Laboratory, a computer science research laboratory based at Trinity College Dublin. He initially worked on knowledge-based environments for engineering design and was awarded a Ph.D. for this work in 1995. A patent for the system was granted in the US and Europe. His research focus switched to parallel and distributed computing and he became group leader of the parallel computing group in HDL in 1995. During this period he worked on the development of parallel simulation and optimisation software, such as parallel finite element analysis and dynamic load balancing. In 1998, he was appoointed as manager of HDL.He became a lecturer in the UCD Computer Science department in 1999. He established the Information Hiding Laboratory in 2001, a research laboratory focused on technology for embedding information in digital content. He has won over €1 million euro in research funding from Enterprise Ireland, Science Foundation Ireland, the EU and industrial partners.

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