Dr. Claire Gormley

Funded Investigator

Machine Learning & Statistics

I graduated with a PhD in Statistics from Trinity College Dublin in 2007. During my doctoral studies I spent five months as a Visiting Scholar in the Department of Statistics/Centre for Statistics and the Social Sciences in the University of Washington Seattle, USA. I joined UCD in September 2006 as an Assistant Lecturer in Statistics, then became Assistant Professor in Statistics in 2008, and Associate Professor of Statistics in 2017.

My research interests broadly include latent variable models, mixture models, rank data models, computational statistics and Bayesian statistics. My research to date has developed statistical methods which have been applied in a wide range of fields, varying from social science, to genetics, to metabolomics to orthopaedics. Much of my work is computationally intensive and involves working with big data sets. The development of statistical approaches to dealing with such dimensionality issues is of interest. Some of my current research projects involve the development of model-based clustering and classification methods for high-dimensional data of mixed type.


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