Dr. Aoibheann Bird

Education and Public Engagement Manager

I am the Education and Public Engagement Manager for the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics at University College Dublin and Dublin City University, Ireland. Our EPE programme is mandated to raise public awareness of Insight research to various stakeholders, to inspire, excite and motivate an interest in Science and Technology and to help lay the foundations for a new generation of scientists.

Our public engagement activity within different communities has been hugely successful and we have made a significant contribution to technology and science learning in schools and communities. By developing strategic partnerships with local government authorities, educational establishments, science agencies, health boards, state organisations and businesses, Insight has delivered meaningful projects that promote the practical and beneficial applications of a data-driven society to a broad range of sectors and environments. In particular, the institute has been recognised as an invaluable long-term educational resource to schools and communities across Ireland.

Increasing young people’s engagement with STEM subjects in innovative ways both inside and outside of the classroom is a personal passion of mine as well as being part of my current role within Insight. I have a BSc (Hons) in Applied Physics and PhD in Biomedical Sensors from DCU and my principle research interests lie in the field of science education and outreach, specifically engaging and exciting an interest in the sciences in people of all ages.