Bio Donal Holland

Dr. Donal Holland

Funded Investigator

Personal Sensing

I study technical knowledge – how it is created, disseminated, learned, and used. My research group has conducted ethnographic research in project-based engineering design classes, developed web-based data collection tools to better understand the activities of engineering students (, created an open-access knowledge-sharing platform for researchers and educators (, and studied the effect of robotics workshops and other outreach activities on younger students’ attitudes towards STEM. Much of my current work focuses on the socialization of engineers and the relationship between technical knowledge and beliefs, values, and attitudes. I also conduct research in the fields of mechanical design, robotics, and biomechanics. Together with Dr Giacomo Severini, I run the UCD Rehabilitation Engineering and Robotics Lab. Recent work from this group includes the design of new devices for rehabilitation following stroke, the development of algorithms for detecting human movement events based on wearable sensors, and the design and characterisation of new soft robotic actuators.

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