Bio Dieter Kogler

Dr. Dieter Franz Kogler

Funded Investigator

Linked Data, Machine Learning & Statistics

Dr. Dieter F. Kogler is an Associate Prof. in Economic Geography and the Academic Director of the Spatial Dynamics Lab at University College Dublin. His research focus is on the geography of innovation and evolutionary economic geography, with particular emphasis on knowledge production and diffusion, and processes related to technological change, innovation, and economic growth. He is currently an ERC Starter Grant Holder with the following project title: Technology Evolution in Regional Economies (TechEvo). This is a 5-year, €1.5m research project with the objective to produce a series of economic indicators, models and tools which will enable firms and policy makers, across Europe, to make more informed and better location-based investment decisions to boost innovation and drive regional prosperity. In addition, he is also the PI for a 4-year Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) funded Science-Technology Space (SciTechSpace) Science Policy Research Programme project. Dieter also serves as an Associate Editor of Regional Studies and is an Editorial Board member of the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society. His career path combines professional, education and research experience acquired in Europe, the United States, and Canada within a variety of areas pertaining to the spatial analysis of socio-economic phenomena.

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