Devishree Pillai

Research Assistant

Devishree Pillai is a Research Assistant at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics at the University of Galway. She works in the Unit for Natural Language Processing (UNLP) under the supervision of Dr. Paul Buitelaar. She has experience collaborating with industry leaders, such as Fidelity Investments, Accenture, and Huawei Technologies, on various research projects. Her current work focuses on improving the question-answering capabilities of large language models (LLMs) by incorporating domain-specific knowledge graphs.

In the past, Devishree worked with Fidelity Investments to develop a dependency parsing-based relation extraction system. Additionally, she contributed to the multilingual module for social media analysis as part of the EU-funded PANDEM-2 project. She also collaborated with Huawei Technologies (Ireland) Co. Ltd to integrate explainable AI (XAI) techniques, such as LIME, into an intent classification model.

Devishree graduated with a Master’s degree in Data Analytics from the University of Galway in 2021. Her Master’s thesis was on “Explainable Fake News Detection” using a Bidirectional GRU-based model with attention for Fake News detection and using the LIME model for generating explanations. Before her Master’s, Devishree has 4 years of experience working as an Associate Consultant at Capgemini, India in the SAP BusinessObjects domain. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from Mumbai University, India.