Ciaran Purcell

PhD Student

Personal Sensing

Ciarán Purcell is a Level 2 Accredited Chartered Physiotherapist is Sports and Exercise Medicine and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Ciarán has clinical experience working with athletes across all levels from amateur to elite level as well as working with people with a  diverse range of musculoskeletal conditions across the lifespan. Ciarán is passionate about pursuing a career that includes elements of clinical work, teaching and research. Ciarán commenced his PhD in UCD SFI Insight Centre of Data Analytics, as part of the Personal Sensing group, where he is working towards the development of an upper and lower limb athlete pain assessment framework. SO far he has completed a scoping review of the literature, a set of focus groups combining athletes and sports physiotherapists and is currently completing an expert consensus real-time delphi study which will help determine assessment tools and aspects to be included in the pain assessment framework.