Cailbhe Doherty Funded Investigator

Cailbhe Doherty

Funded Investigator

Personal Sensing

Over the last decade, my research has delved into the intersections between rehabilitation, digital health, data analytics, and multimedia design. I have been dedicated to investigating the effectiveness of consumer wearables in public health and the integration of mobile technologies in healthcare systems. My work has innovated methodologies for the precise collection and analysis of biometric data to quantify human health and performance. The application areas for this work are diverse, spanning personalised health monitoring, predictive analytics in wellness, to enhancing athletic performance, and extending from computational biology to the healthcare informatics sector. At the heart of my current research lies the potential of consumer wearable technologies, marketed by giants such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Huawei, and Samsung, to revolutionize public health. These devices, ranging from watches and wristbands to pendants and glasses, are increasingly popular, challenging traditional health and wellness knowledge gatekeepers by decentralising health, wellness, and performance measurement. Despite the significant investments from multinational companies and the soaring popularity of these wearables, there’s an ongoing debate about their accuracy in measuring biometric outcomes like heart rate, energy expenditure, steps, sleep, and stress. In response, my current research focuses on three key areas: 1. Investigating the validity of various devices and biometric outcomes through agile experimental designs and methodologies. 2. Developing a public data donation platform for consumer wearables to break free from manufacturer-specific ecosystems and support research. 3. Engaging with end-users to understand their interactions with wearable devices, exploring perceptions regarding accuracy, utility, and privacy.

In my personal time I enjoy,

Running (I blame Insight for this), Reading, Tabletop gaming