Andy Donald


I am a Reasercher with the Knowledge Discovery Unit@NUIG working primarily on the SSIX project ( I have previously graduated from DCU with a BSc in Computer Applications and a MSc in Bioinformatics in 2004.

I have an extensive background working for a number of small to large private companies including Oracle, Pacemetrics and Datalex. My most recent role involved working as a development manager for a large team focussed on Product architecture based improvements around API first principles for Datalex. My main emphasis was to allow a growing company to be able to scale their software and core services to deploy to larger customers in a quicker and easier fashion. This meant a large focus on the re-architecturing of the legacy software to handle large amounts of data/transactions and allowing this API to be open and approachable to any client, be it an single app developer or a large software development team with a multinational airline.

With the KDU@NUIGInsight team my primary research focus is on:

  • Ensuring that the Big Data Architecture within the SSIX project is scalable to a range of different partners
  • Ensuring that it is performant and utilises the full capability of a typical clustered Big Data environment