Bio Andrew Parnell

Prof. Andrew Parnell

Funded Investigator

Machine Learning & Statistics

Andrew Parnell is Hamilton Professor in the Hamilton Institute at Maynooth University. His research is in statistics and machine learning for large structured data sets in a variety of application areas. He has co-authored over 50 peer-reviewed papers in applied journals such as Science, Nature Communications, and Plos ONE, and has methodological publications in journals such as Statistics and Computing, The Annals of Applied Statistics, and Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series C. He has been awarded over €1 million to date in direct funding. He has been heavily involved in the commercialisation of research through the start-up companies Prolego Scientific (CSO) and Atturos (Scientific Advisor). He is currently a funded investigator in three different SFI centres: The Insight Centre for Data Analytics, The I-Form Advanced Manufacturing Centre, and The VistaMilk Centre for Precision Pasture-based Dairy. His current list of application areas includes: – Climatology, including sea level rise, extremes, and measuring rapid past climate changes – Manufacturing, including anomaly detection, real-time tool wear analytics, and additive manufacturing – Bioinformatics, including prostate cancer identification from peptide measurements, machine learning for SNPS, extending G-BLUP and SNP-BLUP models to larger data sets. – Learning analytics for monitoring student progress and engagement – Quantitative ecology especially mixing models for estimating animal diets and sediment tracing – Radiocarbon dating and chronology modelling for archaeological and palynological applications He enjoys collaborating with other scientists and writing non-specialist software via the open-source statistical language R.

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