Bio Andrea Visentin

Andrea Visentin

Ph.D. Student

Optimisation & Decision Analytics

Making decisions is an everyday task. We gather and consider all the information we have, then we evaluate the different possible outcomes and finally make the decision. A computer can improve some of our decision-making, because it can process a higher number of factors and it can evaluate more possible scenarios.

Andrea Visentin and an his colleagues are working to improve human decisions in industrial production. In factories every day, employees and managers decide what to produce and how to do it. Which machinery should be active? Which technician should manage it? The number of possible scenarios to consider is in the millions, if not billions. Managers decide based mainly on their experience and their instinct. Our solutions can support that by evaluating all the possible scenarios and take the best decision. This leads to an improvement of the total production/quality without the deployment of extra resources. This is achieved by a smarter use of the resources available and by reducing waste of time and materials. A new green and smart way to produce!