Life on Mars – Ep 14 of The Insight Podcast out now

Submitted on Wednesday, 10/03/2021

Episode 14 is here! We now have an incredible back catalogue on The Insight Podcast website. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should.

In this episode, Professor Kieran Moran talks about a quiet revolution in hurling – the standardisation of the sliotar. Dr Ankit Verma talks solar prospecting and how the geomorphology of craters could lend us an insight into life on other planets. Finally, Dr Ciara Duignan tells us about Flourish, a project that aims to harness data to better enable universities to support their students, and students to help themselves.

There is also some speculation about a dolphin in Galway Bay, but the dolphin is not funded by Insight as far as we know.

Thanks to all of our listeners and contributors! We greatly appreciate the support.