Dr Ciara Duignan

Insight Wellbeing: Flourish

Submitted on Wednesday, 04/08/2021

“FLOURISH” is an acronym for: Fitness for Life in Our Universities: Realising Informatics for Students to Thrive. It is led by Dr Ciara Duignan.

At Insight, we are interested in supporting students’ personal development and wellbeing through a) understanding their unmet needs; b) designing engaging development opportunities and c) understanding how to harness their data footprint to enable more insightful life choices. Our vision is to create an integrative digital tool that supports student life through personalised recommendations that are both meaningful and actionable for each student.

To date, investigators from DCU and UCD have created wellbeing modules that are embedded into the curriculum in both institutions. The goal of these modules is to provide students with the skills to develop and sustain their wellbeing and to aid us in our understanding of student needs and values in our increasingly digital world. We are seeking to play our part in facilitating the holistic development of students during their college years.