Artists in Residence Erin Redmond pictured sitting on the floor of the LAB Gallery next to a large fabric octopus stitched together from recycled swatches of fabric in rainbow colours

Insight Sustainability: Artist in Residence Erin Redmond

Submitted on Tuesday, 11/04/2023

The practice of Insight Artist-in-Residence Erin Redmond inhabits a space between art, science and ecology and has elements of sculpture, installation art and participatory/interactive art. Their work often materialises in the form of large-scale sculptural and architectural interventions that are a way to spread awareness about environmental issues such as plastic pollution and climate change. They are concerned with the relationship between humans and the natural environment and how we can limit our negative impact on it.

Erin has been working on an art piece for the last year that was exhibited in the LAB gallery –

Their installations have been created using a variety of recycled and biodegradable materials such as newspaper, coffee sacks, plastic wrappers/bottles, seaweed, soil and living plants such as runner beans and wildflowers. Their current work is uses recycled fabric swatches collected from Recreate in Dublin, hand stitched into a large-scale sculpture of an octopus for the LAB Gallery exhibition.

Their practice lies in the broad context of contemporary art that is concerned with social gathering, sustainability and developing more environmentally aware ways of creating artworks.