Dr Timilehin Aderinola

Insight Sport: Using computer vision technology to measure human movement

Submitted on Monday, 24/10/2022

Dr Timilehin Aderinola is a post-doctoral researcher in Insight@UCD. He is using computer vision technology to measure human movement. He writes about it below:

In sports science, there are predefined motor tasks that are used to assess athletes’ potential for performance. Various metrics of interest are measured while the athletes perform these tasks – such as how high an athlete can jump during countermovement jumps – and then feedback is provided for performance improvement and/or injury risk mitigation. Traditionally, these measures are obtained using manual eye-balling techniques, wearable sensors, or expensive motion capture equipment. However, using motion capture equipment requires specialized knowledge, and in some cases, awareness of body-worn sensors may affect performance. Recent advances in computer vision research have enabled accurate tracking of body parts in videos, enabling data capture for motion analysis with simple devices such as mobile phone cameras. The focus of this research is to investigate how well phone cameras can replace, augment, or improve feedback from sensors in sports performance analysis.