Dr Ciara Duignan

Insight Sport: The Digital Transformation of Gaelic Games with Ciara Duignan and GAA DIGTL

Submitted on Thursday, 26/05/2022

Insight researchers are kicking off an exciting new project that seeks to explore the challenges and opportunities for digital transformation in Gaelic Games. A collaboration between researchers in UCD, TU Dublin, Atlantic Technological University, DCU and Ulster University,  GAA DIGTL aims to prioritise the GAA’s research needs with respect to data and technology across several organisational domains.

Preliminary findings from the initial round of stakeholder engagement have highlighted some big questions and challenges to tackle, and the potential for data and technology that is yet to be realised e.g. opportunities in volunteerism and data-driven volunteer management, sports performance, community and health, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, and the data quality, protection, and governance challenges that underpin them.

The team will be planning more engaged research in the coming months and invite networking and discussion with stakeholders working, researching or interested in these issues within Gaelic Games. You can get in touch with the team by emailing Ciara Duignan (ciara.duignan@insight-centre.org) or Denise Martin (denise.martin@tudublin.ie).