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Insight Sport: In Nature – UGalway’s John Newell on athlete performance in elite basketball

Submitted on Thursday, 29/02/2024

In this paper, published in this month’s issue of Nature, Insight at University of Galway researchers Thiago de Paula Oliveira and John Newell write about the ON score for evaluating the performance of athletes and teams that includes a season-long evaluation system, a single-game evaluation, and an evaluation of an athlete’s overall contribution to their team.

They apply their methodology to a large dataset of National Basketball Association (NBA) games spanning four seasons from 2015–2016 to 2018–2019. The model is validated using two systematic approaches, and the results demonstrate the reliability of our approach to calculate an athlete’s performance.

This provides coaches, General Managers and player agents with a powerful tool to gain deeper insights into their players’ performance, make more informed decisions and ultimately improve team performance.

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