Ryan Sebastian headshot

Insight PhD: Ryan Sebastian, Tyndall Institute

Submitted on Wednesday, 13/12/2023

I am a a 3rd year PhD student based in Tyndall National Institute, with a background in Biomedical Engineering , focusing on microneedle technologies for Interstitial fluid extraction.

What do you most enjoy about your research with Insight?

I enjoy being able to work on a few different engineering and scientific disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science as required by my project, which will allow me to become a well-rounded engineer with a broad skillset. I also enjoy the hands-on work in a lab involved in building prototypes as I find it quite satisfying to put together components and end up with a functioning prototype.

What is the most challenging aspect of doing a PhD?

In my opinion, it is the risk involved in the PhD. A PhD is a long term and high-risk project where many things ranging from the core idea of the PhD, equipment, funding and so on can go wrong and severely impact your success.

When you’re not working on your PhD, what pastimes do you enjoy?

I am a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu black belt and train 3 to 4 times a week. This takes up most of my free time, besides that I enjoy doing DIY projects and some occasional hiking.