Hieu Cao in Berlin

Insight PhD: Hieu Cao, TCD

Submitted on Monday, 04/12/2023
I am Hieu Cao, a third year PhD student in Statistics at Trinity College Dublin, where I specialise in the covariate shift problem in machine learning, particularly its applications in Bayesian inference. My work lies at the intersection of Statistics and Computer Science, focusing on advancing statistical modelling and machine learning. I am passionate about transforming complex theoretical concepts into practical, real-world solutions.
 What do you most enjoy about your research with Insight?
 In my PhD journey at Insight, guided by Prof. Simon Wilson, I’m immersed in a world of diverse research ideas. Insight not only provides highlight group seminars but also opens doors to various research directions, sparking endless curiosity. It’s an environment that’s all about learning, growing, and exploring the depths of our field.
 What is the most challenging aspect of doing PhD
 The most challenging aspect of pursuing a PhD is the constant encounter with difficult problems that often leave us stuck, struggling to find a solution. This can lead to feelings of boredom and the temptation to give up. Every PhD student faces this daily battle. Without sufficient patience, the path to quitting seems all too easy.
When you’re not working on your PhD, what pastimes do you enjoy? 
 Outside of my PhD work, I really enjoy playing badminton, my favourite sport, and having dinner with friends on the weekends.