Insight Leadership: J Griffith Rollefson and Global Hip Hop Studies

Submitted on Wednesday, 19/10/2022

J Griffith Rollefson of Insight at UCC  is coordinating editor of the journal Global Hip Hop Studies, with Adam Haupt of the University of Capetown. Launched in 2020, the journal is now  fully open access and will have special issues upcoming titled: Hip Hop and the Internet, The Hip Hop Atlas, Breaking and the Olympics and Hip Hop Knowledge.

Global Hip Hop Studies (GHHS) is a peer-reviewed, rigorous and community-responsive academic journal that publishes research on contemporary as well as historical issues and debates surrounding hip hop music and culture around the world, twice annually. The journal provides a platform for the investigation and critical analysis of hip hop politics, activism, education, media practices and industry analyses as well as manifestations of hip hop culture in all four of the classic elements (DJing/turntablism, MCing/rapping, graffiti/street art and b-boying/b-girling/breaking and other hip hop dances), the under-examined realms of beatboxing, fashion, identity formation, hip hop nation language (HHNL) and beyond.