Susan Leavy

Insight Leadership: Dr Susan Leavy, Trustworthy AI and the National Youth Assembly

Submitted on Monday, 17/10/2022
The National Youth Assembly convened on Saturday the 24th of September.

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment along with the Department of Children, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Youth recently convened a National Youth Assembly on Artificial Intelligence. The meeting covered strands of the National AI Strategy where representatives of young people of Ireland gain the opportunity to discuss topics and submit recommendations to government. The event was held over two days and Insight’s Dr Susan Leavy took part in the first event which involved a series of expert talks followed by group discussions on topics in AI.

Susan Leavy is an Insight Funded Investigator. She is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information and Communication in UCD who has risen to the fore recently in the ongoing issue of Trustworthy AI. Leavy’s research interests concern artificial intelligence, text mining and and digital humanities. She is currently working on cross-disciplinary approaches to mitigating bias in machine learning algorithms. In terms of her background, her postdoctoral research explored the use of artificial intelligence and text mining for cultural analytics. She earned a PhD at Trinity College Dublin detecting bias in political news with machine learning and natural language processing. She holds an MPhil in Gender and Women’s studies, an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and a BA in Philosophy and English Literature. She also worked internationally managing the design and development of large-scale trading platforms in the financial technology sector.
She collaborates with another Insight leader in the field, Professor Barry O’Sullivan and has contributed to interesting media discussions around the topic such as this interview with RTE’s Ray D’Arcy. You can listen to that interview here. She also spoke to Louise and Gráinne on this episode of the Insight Podcast.