Insight Leadership: Dr Mehran Bazargani and ML Dawn

Submitted on Tuesday, 04/10/2022

Dr Mehran Bazargani is a postdoctoral researcher at the Medical Imaging Ireland (Med-I) project at UCD in the school of Computer Science. His ambition is to become a professor doing high quality research in the intersection of Neuroscience and Machine Learning with the ultimate goal of modeling sentient behaviour in Deep Learning. Mehran is currently writing a grant proposal to create his own research team, working in this exciting research area.

He is the founder of MLDawn (the Dawn of Machine Learning). ML Dawn is an educational platform for teaching all aspects of Machine Learning, ranging from basic concepts, all the way to the most rigorous mathematical models and even coding bootcamps. MLDawn also conducts interviews with the giants of Machine Learning and Neuroscience, which gives its audience an opportunity to learn from the best of the best. A great example is a fantastic interview with Prof. Karl Friston from UCL, a godfather of Neuroscience and the man behind Active Inference, who is among the top 20 scientists in the world, predicted to win a Nobel prize.

You can watch all of MLDawn’s videos on its Youtube Channel:
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