Insight Health: Pandemic preparedness

Submitted on Thursday, 17/06/2021

PANDEM-2 is a €9.75m Irish-Led Project Set to Strengthen EU Preparedness and Response to Future Pandemics
The project aims to develop IT systems and processes to improve the European Union’s preparedness and response to future pandemics.

New solutions developed by PANDEM-2 will enable the simulation of future pandemics and the training of pandemic managers on a national and pan-European basis and the tools will also allow for improved planning and management of critical resources including hospital beds, PPE and vaccines.

There is clearly room for improvement in the European pandemic response. Leaps need to be made in the analysis of real time data, in the sharing of information across borders and in adopting common and consistent policies. Future pandemics are to be expected as population growth, international air travel and environmental factors increase the likelihood of diseases crossing from animals to humans.

Protecting the health and security of citizens across Ireland and the EU in the face of these pandemic threats requires member states and agencies to share information and to collaborate on joint policies and approaches.

Insight FI Professor Máire Connolly will coordinate the PANDEM-2 Project. She said,
“COVID-19 has had devastating health, economic, and social impacts on countries worldwide. The PANDEM-2 Project aims to better prepare EU member states for future pandemics through innovations in technology, training and cross-border collaboration.
The state-of-the-art tools that will be developed by PANDEM-2 have the potential to transform how Europe prepares for future large-scale healthcare crises through improved analysis of surveillance and contact tracing data, innovative pandemic modelling, better resource allocation and training of pandemic managers using simulations across Europe.’’

You can listen to her talking about the project on The Insight Podcast above