Paul Buitelaar and John McCrae

Insight Excellence – Enterprise Knowledge Graph Extraction

Submitted on Friday, 19/05/2023

In 2022, we further extended our approach to knowledge graph extraction from text based on our Saffron framework ( We continued our collaborative work on this with our industry partner Fidelity Investments. This is our fifth year of collaboration with Fidelity Investments. The current use case of this joint work with Fidelity is on enterprise knowledge graph extraction for improving a customer facing recommender system.

This is one of a number of industry collaborations in this research area. We are also collaborating with Huawei for example. This work focuses on the extraction and use of enterprise knowledge graphs in improving intent classification for chatbot optimization.

In 2022, the research outcomes of the Fidelity collaboration resulted in a US patent on building a knowledge base taxonomy from structured or unstructured computer text for use in automated user interactions (Mohanty et al, 2022).

Investigators: Paul Buitelaar (UG), John McCrae (UG) (pictured L-R above)