Maram Mohamed

Insight Diversity: Maram A Mohamed on democratising tech through Machine Learning

Submitted on Wednesday, 13/03/2024

by Maram A. Mohamed, PhD researcher at Insight in DCU and an expert in Machine Learning, specifically Signal Processing and Computer Vision

Last International Women’s Day, I shared my initial steps into the world of Machine Learning, a journey that began with my studies in China and a project aimed at aiding the hearing impaired through sign language recognition. Today, I’m more convinced than ever of the transformative power of machine learning. By harnessing this technology, we can democratise access to technology, ensuring it serves everyone, regardless of their abilities or background. Machine learning has the unique capability to adapt and learn from a diverse array of voices and experiences, making technology more inclusive and reflective of our global community. As we continue to innovate, let’s commit to embedding diversity and inclusivity at the heart of AI development. By doing so, we can create a future where technology transcends barriers, empowering every individual with the tools they need to thrive.