Insight Culture: Glocal Hip Hop Knowledges in UCC

Submitted on Thursday, 07/04/2022

In February J. Griffith Rollefson and his ERC CIPHER team were featured in an RTÉ documentary series called Change Makers. The community-engaged research project is collaborating with the Cork Migrant Centre and Kabin Studios on an arts research project that is generating and networking “glocal hip hop knowledges.” The documentary tracks the youth arts NGOs as they work with the CIPHER team on a live performance titled “UBUNTU: Local is Global.”

Housed in the UCC School of Film, Music, and Theatre this ERC funded project, CIPHER: Hip Hop Interpellation, is the world’s first global study of hip hop music and culture. UCC’s Prof Rollefson and a team of global researchers are investigating how and why this highly localised African American music has translated so easily to far-flung communities and contexts around the globe. The CIPHER team is working with Insight on a digital mapping project of these hip hop knowledges — and is currently looking for a web app and data visualisation specialist to lead that side of the ERC project. Be in touch with if you’re interested!