Insight Communities: Prof Alessandra Mileo and Soapbox Science

Submitted on Wednesday, 22/06/2022

Soapbox Science is a public outreach platform for promoting women and non-binary scientists and the science they do. This month Insight’s Professor Alessandra Mileo stepped up for the Dublin leg of the Soapbox Science 2022 global programme. Prof Mileo specialises in teaching computers how to see and think more like humans.
Prof Mileo took a storyteller’s approach to her path into science and went on to explain how we can make computer programs learn to “see” and “think” more like-us by looking at how WE see and think when we learn complex tasks.
‘I used interactive games to illustrate three things we do well but computer programs don’t,’ says Prof Mileo. ‘These are;
1. Answer tricky questions (or understand what they see when they have never seen it before)
2. Explain the motivation behind their answer
3. Use what they see as well as what they “know” (combination of knowledge and computer vision)
This reflects my research goals.’
If you’d like to know more about Soapbox Science’s global activities this year visit