Insight Brain: My Dreams Won’t Resist – Ann Maria Healy, Artist-in-Residence

Submitted on Thursday, 15/09/2022

An artist-made experimental short, My Dreams Won’t Resist is a wonky dreamy journey along the high roads and byroads of California. A meditative trip, shot from the back seat of a self-driving car, it delves into a reoccurring Irish childhood dream of being trapped in an out-of-control automobile. The protagonist, the self-driving car, has forgotten its destination but through various breathing exercises is finally finding its way home. Breathing a form of self-regulation, creates a sense of safety necessary to support decision making. In this landscape, spiritual awakenings abound but are we inside the ultimate trance machine, perpetually awaiting release.
The work was made with the support of/in collaboration with Animation studio; Enter Yes, Composer; Jane Deasy and Sound/ Visual Artist Karl Burke.
The artist received an Arts Council project award, along with the support of The Insight Residency award.

CGI and iPhone composite with a hint of 6K
15:43 mins