Headshot Samah Mohamed

Insight Alumni: Sameh Mohamed, Technical Manager, Carelon Global Solutions

Submitted on Thursday, 15/06/2023

Sameh Mohamed started out with an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Helwan University Cairo , followed that up with a PhD in Insight at the University of Galway where he spent time designing and implementing expressive and efficient predictive models on knowledge graphs complete with applications in biochemical, molecular biology and medical domains. This year he will also complete an Msc in Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine. He is passionate about computer science theory and practice, working in research and development, with his main interest being in machine learning and bioinformatics. Sameh has extensive industry knowledge, having worked in data science for Mastercard and currently for Carelon Global Solutions where he is the Technical manager for data science and engineering.

‘While at Insight in Galway I completed my PhD in conjunction with a collaborative research project between Insight , Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Fujitsu Ireland,¬†¬†focusing on research and development in the area of knowledge discovery from both structured and unstructured data on the Web. Thereafter I was a research assistant and a post doctoral researcher working on a European project to develop predictive and analytical models for monitoring health status and quality of life of patients after cancer treatment.

‘Insight has had a profound impact on my career and research. Working with talented researchers from around the world in a collaborative and supportive environment has been inspiring. It has broadened my perspective and enabled me to engage in innovative and interdisciplinary projects. I’m grateful for the skills and insights gained during my time at Insight, shaping my work even after leaving.’