Headshot of Piyash Yudav

Insight Alumni: Piyush Yadav, Research Scientist, Collins Aerospace

Submitted on Wednesday, 14/06/2023

Dr. Piyush Yadav is a Staff Research Scientist in the Data Intelligence team at Collins Aerospace, Applied Research & Technology, Cork. Known for his exceptional leadership skills and talent in prototyping AI research products, Piyush brings over 10 years of research experience in industry and academia. He has authored over 50 peer-reviewed scientific articles, spanning patents, trade secrets, journals, book chapters, and international conferences. Before Collins Aerospace, Piyush worked as Senior Postdoctoral Fellow and PhD Researcher at the Insight Center for Data Analytics at University of Galway. At Insight, he worked with Professor Edward Curry on distributed IoT event analytics for unstructured streaming data. He also worked with Lero- SFI Centre for Software and TCS Research and developed innovative AI-powered solutions for different industry clients. In addition to research, Dr. Yadav has been actively involved in teaching and mentoring roles in data analytics and research topics in AI. Dr. Yadav’s expertise extends to IoT, Cloud-Edge AI, TinyML, graphs, data analytics, geospatial analysis, and privacy-preserving systems. His diverse background and current focus on developing real-world AI-based edge cloud intelligence solutions for the aerospace industry position him as a leading researcher in the field.

‘After my tenure at the Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics, I am now working as a Staff Research Scientist in Intelligent Systems group at Collins Aerospace, Applied Research and Technology in Cork, Ireland. In this role, I collaborate closely with senior leadership to shape future AI-driven projects for the aerospace industry. I am co-leading an AI-IoT-based Edge Intelligence Project, spearheading a collaborative effort to orchestrate AI, machine learning, federated learning and embedded TinyML processes for real-time IoT analytics. I have established an IoT testbed and am currently working on deploying edge technology in a real-world flight, applying AI techniques for prognostics and health monitoring. Additionally, I contribute to DARPA centre proposal reviewing, H2020 EU grant proposals, intellectual property activities, mentoring teams, and delivering guest lectures to upskill employees on the latest technologies in data analytics.

‘In summary, my career at Collins Aerospace has been marked by significant achievements. I actively contribute to shaping the future of AI in the aerospace industry, leading collaborative projects, and applying cutting-edge technologies to real-world scenarios. Through my involvement in research, mentoring, intellectual property activities, and knowledge dissemination, I continue to make impactful contributions to the field of AI and data science.’




How did Insight benefit you in your career?


The Insight Centre for Data Analytics has played a significant role in my personal and professional growth. Completing my Ph.D. and Postdoc here, the organization has provided me with access to exceptional mentors, cutting-edge resources, and a vibrant research community. Their guidance and support have expanded my knowledge in data analytics and sharpened my research acumen, while the organization’s industry connections and collaborative projects have allowed me to apply my findings in practical scenarios and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


Moreover, the centre has facilitated interdisciplinary collaborations, exposing me to researchers from various domains and fostering a broader perspective on AI and data analytics. These experiences have not only enriched my research but also enhanced my interpersonal skills in communicating and collaborating effectively. Overall, the centre has played a pivotal role in my growth by nurturing my expertise in AI and data analytics, fostering industry collaboration, and emphasizing the importance of public outreach. I am immensely grateful for the opportunities and support provided by this exceptional organisation.