Headshot of Matt Patterson, Insight alum

Insight Alumni: Matt Patterson, Algorithm Developer, ActiGraph

Submitted on Tuesday, 04/07/2023

Matt Patterson completed his PhD and Post-Doctoral work in 2015 with Prof Brian Caufield at Insight working on how wearable sensors can be used to obtain clinically useful information about a patient’s walking / movement patterns. he was particularly interested in how cheap, easy-to-use sensors could be used out of the lab to provide high quality information from everyday life.

‘After Insight I moved into working in industry at several different companies that use wearable technologies in their products. I currently work at ActiGraph, a top provider of wearable sensors to clinical researchers. At this role, I specialize in algorithm development for sleep analysis as well as cardio-respiratory metrics.

‘At Insight I learned how to strategically think about a research project from a high level view. I also learned how to collaborate with large teams of experts. Both skills have proven to be very useful in my career.’