Ian Wood, Inisght Amlum, standing in front of a blurred side profile of a woman

Insight Alumni: Ian Wood, Senior Post Doc, Cyber Security Hub, Macquarie, Sydney

Submitted on Thursday, 06/07/2023

Ian Wood is a researcher in natural language processing (NLP) and AI with side interests in music, psychology and cyber security. At insight, he contributed to NLP aspects of emotion recognition for the H2020 project “Mixed Emotions” with Dr Paul Buitelaar.

‘In the five years since leaving Insight I have continued in academia, with three postdoc positions: one at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and two at Macquarie University in Sydney. My current position as a senior postdoc with the Cyber Security Hub at Macquarie finds me applying conversational AI technology to “scamming the scammers”.

‘Insight deepened my knowledge of NLP, and in particular was where I first started to really delve into deep learning and AI. This has shaped my career since and led me to interesting and profoundly relevant research topics, for which I am grateful.’