Headshot of Eva Mohedano, Insight alum

Insight Alumni: Eva Mohedano, Applied Scientist, Amazon

Submitted on Friday, 14/07/2023

Eva Mohedano joined Insight to perform her Bachelor thesis in DCU in 2013 on Brain-Computer Interfaces under the supervision of Dr. Kevin Mcguinness and Dr. Noel O’Connor. She then completed a PhD in DCU in Content Based Image Retrieval. Dr Mohedana c0ompleted a further year of postdoctoral research before moving into industry.

‘My time as an Insight member was supposed to be a short stay of six months, but I loved the experience so much that it became six years! Right after finishing my Bachelor thesis, I started my PhD with the same wonderful advisors. I worked on Content Based Image Retrieval and I learned a lot about Convolutional Neural Networks, Computer Visionand and AI. During my last year I worked as a post-doctoral researcher on video understanding in a project for Huawei.

‘In 2019, I decided to go back home to Barcelona and give a try in the industry world. I worked in Satellogic as a Data Scientist for three years, processing stunning satellite imagery and had the chance to “deploy” a lot of my learnings in Computer Vision and Deep Learning in this domain. Since last year, I’ve been working as an Applied Scientist at Amazon.

‘I feel extremely grateful for my time at Insight; there I developed my curiosity in Machine Learning and had the chance to learn from extremely talented people in the area. At Insight, you are given the opportunity to work in some industry projects, which are a great preparation for the future. During my stay, I was also assigned to do some teaching hours, which I particularly enjoyed. My journey at Insight not only made me grow as a scientist, but also taught me to not be afraid of new challenges and to always keep the curiosity of learning new things.

‘Happy 10th anniversary, and for many more!!’