Insight alum Eoin Kenny headshot

Insight Alumni: Eoin Kenny, Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Submitted on Monday, 19/06/2023

Eoin Kenny was a Ph.D. at Insight from 2018-2022, and did his research on Explainable AI and Smart Agriculture with Mark Keane. He published nearly 20 papers, with many in top ranked conferences and journals worldwide. His team also lead the first VistaMilk collaboration with colleagues from Teagasc, work which went on to win an international best paper award. Currently, the team is still collaborating and in the final stages of publishing an updated version of this work in a top Agri Science journal.

‘I am a researcher with a vision to make AI more transparent, trustworthy and ultimately elevate its usefulness. For my future career I am interested in using AI to help people in application critical domains, such as medicine, finance and autonomous driving. My Ph.D. at Insight gave the “foot in the door” necessary to get into this exciting area. It is almost impossible to go straight into such work (either in industry or academia) without a Ph.D., and Insight is (I believe) the ideal place to do this in Ireland currently.

‘Indeed, it was this work at Insight that allowed me to get my current position as a postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which has only continued to help me realise my research vision. In my current position at MIT I have been fortunate to publish pioneering work on how to design interpretable autonomous vehicles which are driven by deep reinforcement learning. So, currently, with the help of MIT’s recourses, I am continuing towards my previously mentioned vision to augment human AI interaction.’